Victore Ships Pvt. Ltd organized the Marine Logistics requirements & dedicated to ship related services & its activities, Ship Chartering, Ship Agency & Port Operation, Ship Sale & Purchase.

Victore Ships pvt ltd Established in February 2007 with as an operator and have operated many vessel in reason with the experience as an operator ,we customized our services and our experience made to understand what a perfect need of Ship as agency, chartering and sale and purchase of ship.

• Victore Ships Pvt. Ltd is able to build up a team spirit, which is essential to handle complex issues, as a result improves the efficiency and raises our brand equity in market regarding products and services which has been the stepping stone of the company’s proliferate into the pioneer within the international ship brokering and ship agency companies, became one of the leading chartering, sale and purchase company in the world.
• We co-ordinate to ensure that ships repudiation is fast to cut costs for both charterer and owner.
• On intimation from the principal about vessel’s call at the port, we provide a detailed item- wise pro-forma D/A in a timely manner.
• On getting agency nomination we coordinate with the master to ensure ease of operation and also provide well- documented reports of all activities to the principal. Through our expertise we are enabled to handle Container Vessels, Offshore Vessels, Oil Tanker Vessels and Bulk vessels carrying cargos such as Chemicals, Fertilizers, Edible Oils, Coal, Iron Ore and Food Commodities and many more commodities.
• Our chain of activity involve us with our principal and make us a top class agent worldwide, we perform the major activity with tramp vessel, liner vessel or any ship which opportunity given to serve.

“To achieve the mile stone and give our presence around the globe we will keep enhancing ourselves at every level with our innovative ideas with optimum utilization of resources with the best in the industry. While upgrading and moving towards our goals we will expand our services and maintain its quality with admiration for its People, Partnership & Performance”.

• To provide tailor-made solutions to our customers by understanding their business requirements and strategies.
• To provide state-of-the-art turnkey services through our dedicated professional teams, who ensure quick response to the changing market environment?
• To enhance our competitive edge by offering unique value-added quality services in line with the best practices of the global industry.
• We aim to provide best-in-class service as well as be a reputable, reliable and consistent partner of choice for cargo owners, vessel owners and operators and proved our self as best in ship chartering, ship sale and purchase and agency & port operation activity globally.

The “chartering” of a ship, in its simplest terms with valued charter parties, where we play a vital roles for owner to employ the fleet with most economical way and arrange ship for charter party for the specific requirements no matter weather is trading of goods, offshore project, or any other purpose where industry demand to use the ship.

Victore Ships Pvt Ltd specializes in providing ship and cargo chartering services for both domestic and international owners and charterers. Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the movement of cargo by employing the vessel in the range of requirements and application of ship in the industry. Our activities of ship chartering are focused on all kind tonnage required for such operations. By serving the principals fleet we arrange, with our negotiation, with good hire or freight for each transaction of charter party and is the reward to the ship-owner for the use of their vessel by charter party to whom we work to bring win -win solution. Though the ship chartering is, of course a good deal but more complicated than this in practice, we make more simplified by acting as specialized and customized ship chartering organization with global presence with modern technology. We are engage in various types of charter, which varies considerably time to time in respect of client’s specific requirements.

We play a vital role in the balancing of supply and demand of ship, and the fluctuations in freight, where we representing owner’s interest met those with cargo and employment of ship interests. Our chartering transactions take place globally, by using high technology with brilliant communications of chartering teams with expert internationally brokering skill.

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Capt. Vijay Kumar / 022-27565155

Chartering specialization

Ocean freight

Being it our core competency our services is to procure the ship and complete the need for the application of ship as transports of cargo. We cater for all kind of cargo ship specialized with break bulk, MPP, bulk, tanker, etc.

Offshore projects

Our services of offshore chartering specialized for procuring the ship for offshore industry such OSV, PSV, accommodation vessel, barges, which mostly for oil and gas industry. No matter type and size

Infra and others

Being it our core competency as chartering we consider specialized dredging solution for both inland, shallow, deep dredging project procurements of vessel, along with other ship like, passenger boat, security, cruise, fishing vessels. The section covers the specialty attention on modernization of such craft for industry by keeping our self-updated for the need of market

Chartering (Expertise)

We have dedicate team for each type of craft require for the industry .Our resources work with segments and grouping of services derived in many form to easiest way of handling the charter parties. Below are our chartering management plans.


As an S&P broker we take all instruction carefully by principal, either it would-be buyer or seller of a ship. While we represent a seller, we seek buyers from our large network and where demand of ship is in existence, we keep an untraceable identity in the ship broking fraternity, and keep our professional ethics and value among ship-owners who operate single or many types of ship and might be looking to buy. In the complexity of maritime ship business we consider the market will dictate and it can of course be either sluggish, or fast moving, depending on the demand for ship but we are always remain in the presence where we keep a great pace and try to make the market smooth with our contributed ideas. As an efficient S&P broker, we always have a good idea of the current position in the trade cycle, and whether prices are likely to increase or fall in the short term. We make it easy by close study of predicting the demand for ship and as the best shipbrokers we have skills as an analyst, researcher, value and visionary idea to predict the future where ship values can slump, or climb.

As sale and purchase broker we do take vital part of role for the buying and selling of marine equipment’s such as ship parts, ship container, cranes etc. We carry dedicated team of S&P professionals and expertise to perform this important business.

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Capt. V. Kumar / 022-27565155

Ship agency and port operation

Victore Ships pvt ltd is an organization that is focused on the complete transportation industry as an international agent. Victore Ships pvt ltd and our members bring together many faces that are required to provide the most judicious client specific “Ship Agent” that are best- in-industry standards whether the requirements are for standard Shipping, Supply-Chain-Management or where a complex offshore or marine support is needed. Victore Ships pvt ltd serves as a one-shop, with our new Web and Ecommerce capabilities that are being developed and modified. We have entered the arena of online market place, allowing our clients the ability to manage all of their business and transactions effortlessly. Our main goal is to bring our principal operational and administration costs to a minimum and improve clients’ efficiency. Our concept simplifies multiple port-call operations while ensuring that our customers’ needs are always met.

Victore Ships pvt ltd provides ship agency and port operations from diverse sectors including cruise lines, bulk carriers, Ro/Ro carriers and tankers, container, offshore, projects etc. Our considerable operational strength is based on using our own equipment for loading and discharging vessels at the port, particularly the RO/RO vessels and supports the maritime industry with infrastructure we carry, which minimizes the cost of disbursement to the principal.

Victore Ships pvt ltd is a reliable and effective port agent operating in Indian with visionary idea of global approach and as responsible Port Agent we take our responsibility very much at heartiest performances. Our team has tailored the company’s services to make sure the customer experiences Port Agency with a different feeling in taste of services. We have also ensured over the years that a lean corporate structure is preserved so as to offer a perfectly leveled quality of service to cost ratio for all shipping agency services we at every port where we cater.

Victore Ships pvt ltd is pleased to provide customers with central accounting and financial supervision in all the ports we serve, so principal can deal only with one point of communication. By using our services clients feel safe and can efficient cash transactions with one bank account for all your port of calls in our network. Clients can be confident that their assets will be secure with us while they are appointing agent.

Agency and port operation (activity)

Our hub agency services comprises the Global Disbursement organization one stop financial survives for the using the Services.

Agency and port operation (liner agency specialty)

  • Having a well-established market presence among shippers/forwarders and consignees
  • Aggressive Export and Import Marketing to ensure proper fade balance
  • Ensuring Co-ordination with Port/ICO and customs authorities
  • Offer most up-to-date Information Systems through well trained and qualified employees
  • Ensuring timely rendering of Accounts and Bank Reconciliations to the Principal
  • Ad-hoc requirements such as delivery of ship spares, crew change, ship handling, bunkering services etc.

We value and understand a smooth and efficient port turnaround is a critical component of a profitable ship operation. This is fact regardless of the ship’s type or whether a call is a routine visit or a special call where particular support services are required we stand with our effective presence. Our experienced and empowered staff is at your service. On hand locally always 24×7. Our Port Services team provides the highest standards of support with 24/7 attendance to vessel owners, operators and charterers at a wide range of strategically located ports in India and major ports in overseas.

Vessel husbanding

  • Berthing /Unberthing of Vessel
  • Loading /Discharging Operation
  • Supervision
  • Immigration


  • Fresh water
  • Bunker Supply
  • Store & Provision
  • Cargo Handling Materials & Equipment
  • Safety Equipment


  • P &I representation
  • Owner/charterer Protective Agency
  • Survey
  • Port Logistics
  • Port Captaincy
  • Repair& Maintenance
  • Underwater Services
  • General Agency
  • Life Saving & Fire Fighting Appliances

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Capt. V. Kumar / 022-27565155