Exim Service

Exim Service

Victore International Logistics(Exim Logistics)

Freight is the basic component for the value of good and its make a unique compliments for the industry to run the trade economically. We have develop the idea for customized freight management of cargo for our customers.

We act as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) i.e. forwarder to service the freight. Our services efficiently organize various shipments of goods for individuals or corporations industry to get goods from the manufacturer, producer, customer or final point of distribution. We have specialized teams and management to cater the following various type of services worldwide by serving the freight we ensure to utilize the theory of safe, economical, and fast transit to cargo.

We provide comprehensive ocean freight forwarding services whether it’s Full Container Loads (FCL), Less Than Container Loads (LCL), import or export, consolidated or project cargo whatever requirements may be for serving the commodities across the ocean with safe, economical, and fast method. We ensure the cargo reaches the right place, at the right time in a cost-efficient way. We work with multiple carriers around the globe which covers up major alliances with proper space protection to every major port with reliability.
We are one of the leading freight forwarder, specialized in providing international ocean freight forwarding to industry large or small. We are an integral part of our customer’s export and import departments, offering custom tailored sea freight l solutions for a wide variety of shipments explained as below.

The services of small containers are designed for small parcels, which certify our capability to be prime principals of small to big shipment handler worldwide, basically charges are volume based, set in cubic meters or weight but always prefer to be economical to our clients. This service is so design that it meets a cost – effective solution for smaller shipments as our client only need to pay for the volume space used in container. At the same time we ensure it is almost cheaper than other modes of transport.

We maintain an international standard for referring to container load (20” or 40”) containing cargo for our customer. Our customize cost of container ensure the client is reachable for shipping the cheapest mode of transportation when importing or exporting the goods. We have exclusive routing services and connected with major liner and in house different type of equipment’s, which give us supports to act in big way of container shipping.

Services designed are used to transport the commodities in bulk via sea. Victore logistics has history in bulk shipping since incorporation. With our service of ship chartering, clients are able to ship goods in bulk globally.

We have accessible approach for such commodities which makes it easier to transport via sea. We have an ongoing track record to carry such shipments globally no matter of its size.

Break bulk shipments

The services converted for those commodities which make it easy approach to fit in transportation by sea in it nature of stowage and we maintain an prolong history and performance record to carry such shipments globally no matter size or a truck project.

To meet our clients deadlines, and transit of cargo, we prove our self as a needful air freight service provider with high performed standards and the flexibility to fulfill you’re changing needs by aero freight services. We give personalized services through connected major airlines include chartering of aircraft.

These services consist of roadways and railways, understanding the value. Our company has extensively working and maintaining its quality of services across the pan India. We are connected with a worldwide location from every station, airports, and port, ICD CFS.

Cargo handling is a key feature in supply chain. The economic analysis of cargo handling is essential as the end user can analyse the cost of material besides logistics. We have created a benchmark by providing excellent services by transiting after production and before consumption while all this on-going procedure quality standards are maintained.

Packaging plays a significant role as it increases the life of the product and reduces risk in damage of commodity during transit. We always suggest our clients the best packaging material so that the risk factor could be reduced. With every passing year we have gained so much experience which in result has helped us in delivering efficient services to small and multinational industries. We have wide range of services starting from packaging to delivering it to end user. Our staff is trained in handing the commodity which again reduces the risk factor at our end and adds benefit to customer. We are serving to all diversified industries ranging from Engineering, Steel, Paper, Chemical, Stone, Heavy & Huge Project Cargo Machinery, Boilers, and Coils etc.

Cargo lifting & shifting

The services design to serve the cargo to lift from one place to another by using the crane, forklift etc. during transit in process. We provide various facilities to our clients like stair climbing machines, crane hire, machine removal and installation, contract lifting, an industrial dismantling service, rigging for lifting and access.


We provide the storage, warehousing, compatible cargo sheltering for all type of commodities, we ensure the quality is maintained and goods are in good condition with same quantity and economical way of storage. We have wide network at the geographical location, which give us the immense scope to widen our network of goods sheltering worldwide.

The in need of supply chain one cannot deny the movements of goods smoothly without documentation. We have team with wide knowledge of cargo documentation for all kind of commodity, which create a great domain of naming the identity of good in supply chain.

Custom clearance

The modernize word cannot deny the government involvement on the goods we export and import, we have geared up our custom clearance facility at every customer station in the region we work for the cargo documentation. We have wide network and great expertise who has knowledge of law and procedure of cargo exit and in the process of trade. We have good relations with government to make smooth and lawful way of delivery of job we rendered for the clearance.

Cargo survey

Cargo survey ensures the goods in its presence of condition. The services customized for the customer is to ensure the cargo condition so as to maintain the quality and quantity of cargo and keep the goods in low-risk condition during its process of logistics operation. We have our network of surveyor with expertise commodities who can attend at any time to assist the customers at every place of business what we do.

Cargo insurance

The need of economic security for every goods to be secure, as the nature of complex handling the commodities in utilizing dynamic mode in movement of goods from one place to another and safeguard from natural disaster while in statics mode. We have made complete customer friendly solution of material insurance for logistics in most competent mode and our services make sure that insurances are easy to proceed towards any loss or claims.

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